Although she believes in the pure elegance of a simple thing well done, Clare is often overwhelmed by the sheer amount of beautiful complicated things.  She often wonders how she has been so lucky to have crossed paths with such incredible teachers, many of them women, and to have work seeking a balance between the chaos of beauty and the order of design.

After nine years in Istanbul, first as an assistant to photographer, ethnographer, and textile collector Josephine Powell, who instilled in her an appreciation of the beauty and complexity of traditional textiles and the people who made them, and later working for and learning from the antiques textiles expert and textile designer Elizabeth Hewitt, of Tulu Textiles, Clare has relocated to New York City to continue her line of fabrics, kimonos, home accessories, clothing, and leather goods.

From 2011, Clare has worked with a foundation in Kabul to develop and teach design and product development courses to young, talented women from all over Afghanistan.  She also travels to India to work with block printers and talented tailors, and works with shoemakers, jewelers, tailors, and other artisans in Turkey. Constantly being inspired and constantly being taught by the people who use their hands and eyes, Clare also collects vintage and antique pieces.