Founders Sarah Schwartz and Ruby Geisler share a love of pattern and all things handmade. Years of surface design exploration has led them to seek out traditional artisan processes and the “perfect imperfections” that result. Sarah and Ruby combine their passion for artistic, handmade methods with inspiration from their natural environments (Sarah, in the Bay Area, and Ruby, in San Diego) to present a distinctly Californian point of view. Organically-formed, colour-drenched motifs, quality materials, large scale proportions, and overall simplicity blend together to create a look that’s both statement-making and contemporary.

View Sarah & Ruby Designs hand marbled and hand stitched cushion collection here.

Showroom talk about Sarah & Ruby's Hand Painted Sheet Wallpaper

Hand Painted Sheet Wallpaper

Centuries ago, wallpaper began as handcrafted single sheets, sometimes referred to as “dominos.” Single-sheet wallpaper is not only embraced for its multitude of layout options, which add an exciting creative element, but also for it’s hand-painted singularity. This wallpaper is made using an artisanal paste paper technique. Non-toxic paste is blended with high quality paint (produced by a small manufacturer in California) and then applied to luxurious 100% cotton artist paper, where it is manipulated into patterns. The results have a stunning dimensional quality and a subtle sense of movement. The lovely deckled edges are meant to overlap and show, emphasising the artistic nuances of every one-of-a-kind sheet.

Hand Blocked Wallpaper

Sarah & Ruby’s handprinted wallpaper collection is created using to the centuries-old artisan technique of hand-block printing. Each block is hand carved and then carefully impressed onto the paper with hand-mixed inks. When this technique is combined with their modern designs, the result is a wall covering that is at once both bold and organic. And when installed, the finish is absolutely stunning — it almost looks like the wall itself was carefully hand-painted. It is printed with water-based, low VOC pigment inks on acrylic-coated, sustainably-produced paper. Available in 12 designs, each with multiple colour ways.