Founders Sarah Schwartz and Ruby Geisler share a love of pattern and all things handmade. Years of surface design exploration has led them to seek out traditional artisan processes and the “perfect imperfections” that result. Sarah and Ruby combine their passion for artistic, handmade methods with inspiration from their natural environments (Sarah, in the Bay Area, and Ruby, in San Diego) to present a distinctly Californian point of view. Organically-formed, color-drenched motifs, quality materials, large scale proportions, and overall simplicity blend together to create a look that’s both statement-making and contemporary.

Marbled Pillows - These pillows are handmade in small batches using traditional marbling techniques. The patterns are distinctive in that they embrace large swaths of color and a strong white ground for an up-to-the-minute look. For each pillow, paint is carefully placed drop by drop onto a liquid “size” (water mixed with carrageenan, a seaweed derivative). The paint freely moves and swirls on the surface to form a pattern. When fabric is laid on top of the size/paint, the pattern transfers to the fabric. No two prints are ever exactly the same. Pillows are made from 100% organic cotton front, 100% ecologically-sourced Belgian linen back, and gold-toned zippers. Available in three colorways (Ochre, Malachite, and Amethyst) and multiple sizes.

Textured Pillows - These pillows are meticulously hand-stitched using age-old needlepoint techniques. Sarah & Ruby use bulky yarns to form geometric patterns for a chunky, tactile and contemporary result. Luxuriously soft, ethically raised wool-alpaca blend yarn is stitched onto a poly-cotton canvas — an exacting and time-consuming process. Pillows are backed with 100% ecologically-sourced Belgian linen.