Tie-Up Textiles founder, Kathleen Fitzpatrick, is a designer trained in both traditional and modern textile applications. Holding a degree in Material Studies and Art History, she began her textile career in 2014 working at a digital print company guiding textile designers, artists, and interior focused firms through the process of building custom home fabric collections.

Kathleen has now combined her workplace knowledge and enthusiasm for the home and founded Tie-Up Textiles, a boutique business dedicated to both preserving and challenging traditional textile techniques. Tie-Up has since grown into an eclectic brand with a style all its own. Her eye for daring textures and abstract motifs is inspired by the remains of a once booming industrial town found within her own backyard. On the other hand, her draw towards earthy color palettes and simple geometrics reflects more closely to her love for southwestern living. This curiosity for reinventing traditional home decor applications and offering a nonconformist style is paving the way to a fresh take on design.