About Us

About Us

Born out of a love for the imperfections and quirks in design, Style Revolutionary set out on a path to bring bold, different and eco-conscious textiles, trims, wallpapers and accessories into Australia.

Since 2013 we’ve been supplying interior designers, decorators, architects, stylists and homeware retailers with globally sourced handcrafted, unique products. Each collection and each artisan comes with it’s own story. We aim to provide the narrative behind the process, colour, pattern and products speaking - to the creative deep inside each and every one of us.

Every collection we represent is truly artisan, meaning nothing is mass produced. We’ve curated collections from around the globe that are completely handcrafted. Craftsmanship and hand designed process are part of what makes us different, because no two pieces are ever the same. What you take home is unique to your project.

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"Hi I'm Rachel!

Style Revolutionary started in 2013 when I saw a gap in the market for high end, handmade, unique textiles, trims, wallpapers and accessories.

From a young age, I have loved design and I was never afraid to stand out in the crowd. My sense of style while growing up was always seen by my peers as a little quirky. To this day I choose design elements for their unique qualities, their imperfections and beauty (but perhaps not in the classic sense).

This has now formed one of my businesses core values:
Dare To Be Different."

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"I’ve been working with designers and textiles for over two decades, pulling together colours, patterns and textures from a variety of collections is something I've developed a keen eye for. I gain a lot of my inspiration knowing the process or production behind a piece, to me there is so much beauty knowing how your piece of fabric, new feature wallpaper or accessory has been brought to life.

I’m particularly passionate about curating unique, one of a kind, quirky, collections - all our designers have been hand selected by me."



Favourite place to be inspired:

Queensland Art Gallery.


Favourite designer of all time:

A hard one, but currently fangirling on Leanne Ford.


Favourite collection right now:

Imogen Heaths new Anni Albers inspired prints.


How I take my coffee:

Iced latte no sugar in the summer, flat white no sugar in the winter.