Our Values

Our Values

Creativity is our core.

Creativity is at our core – both the artisans we work with and within our business, it is what feeds our soul. We live to nurture and empower the creative in ourselves, our artisans and you, our clients. We aim to provide a meaningful narrative through process, colour, pattern and products that speak to those who want to embrace and live a unique and creative life.

Imperfection is beauty.

We celebrate the imperfections. It defines and adds character to our unique suite of products. No two hand woven pieces are the same or no two hand blocked fabrics – what you get is meant for you, in all its imperfect beauty. The handmade process brings to life the true nature of the design and the materials used. Beauty is in imperfection and is to be celebrated!

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Desire to inspire.

We’re here to inspire through our collections, our work, and our customer service. Our goal is to guide and provide you with the tools for creating sacred and unique spaces. To make sure every visit, every parcel sent or with every email or conversation that you feel inspired, empowered, knowledgeable and armed to create inspiring, unique and meaningful spaces.

Eco production and practice.

Every collection we represent is truly artisan, meaning nothing is mass produced. Many designers focus on eco-conscious digital printing, natural dyes, recycled fibres and one uniquely, sustainability through discarded food and botanicals. We’ve curated collections from around the globe that are completely handmade start to finish. Handwoven. Hand printed. Hand dyed. Hand embroidered. Processes and production that eliminate excessive waste.

In store we also adopt this ethos, recycling cuttings, using wallpaper to wrap your packages and ensuring we do all we can to stay eco-conscious along with our artisans.

Dare to be different.

Standing out from the crowd is what we live by. Bold, distinctive, quirky and colourful is our go to. We seek and find designers and artisans from every corner of the earth that push boundaries and aren’t afraid to be different.

100% of our curated collections are exclusive to Style Rev, meaning you won’t find anything in our library that you see anywhere else.

We are 100% unique. 100% bold. And 100% different.